Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Offseason Plan

Hello All,

As I stated at the banquet, I am writing to make you all aware of how we will conduct our offseason training program starting January 5.  Below I will detail a schedule that we believe will accommodated all of our athletes in all of their endeavors. This plan is the first stage in the culmination of talks and planning that has been conducted for two years between the various head coaches and training staff in the building. Our workout will be rooted in building explosive movement and flexibility, while building strength and gaining muscle weight. I have also found a meal program that is produced by the Baylor UniversityStrength and Conditioning program that you can peruse at your leisure. It will guide our discussions with the team about proper nutrition. We have come together with the various coaches in the athletic department who will also provide supervision.

As I have stated in other communication on the blog and verbally at the banquet, I expect all student athletes not participating in an in season sport to participate in our strength and conditioning program. I have also spoken with the head coaches in wrestling and track about the participation of those athletes in our conditioning program and the have agreed that participation in our morning workout session will be beneficial to all. As I have stated before there will be no need to continue to do any workouts outside of the strength and conditioning program. I have asked that all of our student athletes be enrolled in a strength and conditioning classes for their PE class. Because of the intensity of the program, rest periods will be just as important giving all out effort during our work periods. We will also be offering an afterschool session for those individuals who cannot join the morning session or who do not have a strength and conditioning PE class.  I would love to have as many student athletes as we could in the morning. I do know there are many variables that may play into this.

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

We will begin the morning session on January 5. Student Athletes should be ready to go to work at 6:45 am. Workouts will end in enough time for Student Athletes to shower and eat breakfast. The after school session will begin at 4:30 pm and will end at 5:45 pm.  Remember proper hydration, diet, rest will enhance our efforts.

In closing, my staff, the trainers, and the coaches at Hickman High School, are professionals and deeply committed to seeing our student athletes be successful in all their endeavors. We are committed to your student’s success. We have come together to help to prepare a complete program here on campus, a program that not only builds us physically, but psychologically as well.  We look forward to getting started.

Coach Monroe

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