Thursday, November 6, 2014

Offseason FAQs

Here are a few questions I have been asked by parents.

Question 1:
My son wants to play other sports?

Coach Monroe:
I want all of the boys to have a full a high school experience as they can possible have. The only thing I will state is that grades will always come first. Your son should try and participate in other sports. I want as many football players to wrestle as possible. Jed Paulsen, a state champion wrestler and all state football player, Luke Harper an all-state wrestler and football player, Lorenzo Williams, an all state  wrestler and football player, and of course J’Den Cox a four time state champion wrestler and two time all state football player are all examples of athletes who had success in both arenas. Wrestling works on an athletes’ natural balance and core strength. Wrestling teaches mental toughness and hand to hand combat. Wrestling is how man has prepared for physical combat since the dawn of time. Athletes can have individual success and team success at the same time. I would love for all of the football players to be involved in a winter sport, and wrestling gives us a great opportunity during the winter months to develop combat skills. Two of the young men mentioned played division one football, and as we know, one of the young men mentioned is a national champion wrestler as a freshman at the University of Missouri. All of our football players not involved in a winter sport should wrestle. Track is another sport that has direct skill enhancement for football. Although my boyish physique does not suggest it I played football and ran track as a young kewpie.

Question 2:
What about my son’s grades during the winter?

Coach Monroe:
My staff and I will be in constant contact with teachers about our student athletes’ academic and behavioral performance. We will continue to see that our student athletes get their needs met in both regards. The coaches and teachers at Hickman often talk about our athletes and we rely on each other to see that we are supporting our students as best we can. We believe that competing in the classroom at a high level is just as important as competing on the field.

Question 3:
Should I pay for a personal trainer?

Coach Monroe:
That is completely up to you. Athletes will also be encouraged to enroll in strength and conditioning classes during the day.  However when organized workouts start I will expect your son to participate if he is not participating in a winter or spring sport. This year at Hickman multi -sport coaches will be working together to oversee strength and conditioning workouts in the morning before school. This has been the culmination of the coaches in the athletic department using our resources to fashion a platform for all of our athletes to succeed. Over my 23 years here at Hickman I have witnessed several male and female athletes who reached their desired goal of college athletics by using our program here at Hickman. The football program alone has seen 15 players receive scholarships at various levels over the last three years. Our program, which was started in 1993, is a culmination of professionals who have doctoral degrees, master degrees, and decades of experience in training athletes both physically and psychologically and our athletes have competed at a high level. Our trainer and medical staff has some twenty two years of experience and thirty years of experience respectively. We constantly research what we are doing and how we are doing it in search of the most optimal program.  Simply put we know what we are doing and we have the track record to prove it. One of the foundation stones of our program is everyone working hard as a team. A team that works hard together fights together, and make no mistake, we will win together. As parents you are always welcomed to seek anything you think will benefit your son’s performance. I am here every night until 6:30 if you would like to discuss this further. We will start winter lifting after the Christmas break. I will be sending more communication home through HUDL and the blog about start date and times. I hope this clears a few questions up for everyone. Thank you for your continued support.

Coach Monroe

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