Thursday, November 12, 2015

2016 Offseason

Hello All,

Please click here to view the calendar. It will also be updated on the google calendar on this site.

Right now I have the weight room open on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as I stated I would at the banquet. I am not keeping attendance and the workouts are more aimed at recovery and core strength. I strongly encourage any student not involved in another sport to be there, if and only if they have no real academic concerns. These workouts will continue until finals week.

Offseason workouts for football will begin in January. The lifting schedule for winter starts January 5th. I will be keeping attendance from that date until July 1st. This means that if your son is going to play football and is not in another sport he should be lifting with us. I have, and will continue, to coordinate our workouts with our strength and conditioning coaches so that even if your son has a strength and conditioning class there will be a purpose and benefit to that second work out. Added with that fact is the point that the weight room and the workouts are where we really form the team concept.  If your son is in another sport he will not be expected to lift with us. However it is strongly suggested that he enroll in an advanced strength and conditioning class.

As promised I posted the summer schedule in as much detail as I have at this time. For multi-sport athletes, especially baseball, I worked with Coach Mershon with the lifting schedule and the June camp schedule. The summer workout sessions will be conducted as follows:
  • The weight room will be open Monday through Thursday at 4:30 to 6:00 pm.
  • Coach Mershon who is a Certified Strength and Conditioning/PE teacher and our Assistant Head Baseball Coach will set our workouts and conditioning in concert with the football staff.
  • Athletes will have four days to get three lifts in.
  • Attendance will be taken and participation is expected.
  • If you chose to hire a personal trainer for your son that is your business. Please remember that the weight room is an area of evaluation for your son also. Our workouts, our team building exercises, our tests and measurables are what we will use to determine your sons’ role in this program.

In June we will have a mini camp which will conclude with our participation at the University of Missouri Football Camp. I do not have the particular details at this point but I will have them by the February 6th parent meeting. I have spoken to the Hickman baseball coaches and they know that your son will be playing football this week. As for your select baseball teams you and your son will have to make a choice.

In July I ask that football be the priority. As you can see from the summer schedule I have taken in consideration all of the potential summer activities. However if we expect to turn things around football needs to be the priority during this time. Remember all contact day practices are considered mandatory. Again if we want to get better we will need to practice as a team. We had a lot of absences for various reasons last summer. I hope by getting the schedule out this early you will be able to plan as a family to make football a priority.

Coach Monroe

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