Thursday, July 23, 2015

Parent Letter 7/23/15

Dear Parents,

I would like to thank you for your support this summer. Tomorrow starts our dead period here at Hickman High School. During the dead period, we, my staff and I, cannot meet with or talk football with your son for the next ten days. Practice begins again on August 3rd at 6:00 pm. I have posted our August schedule on the blog at

I would like to take a moment to talk about the practices in August. This summer many of you have had to make decisions that you feel were in the best interest of your son. As a parent, I understand that. As a coach I tried to be as fair and cooperative as I could be over the summer months. I will not make such concessions with August practices. Our opponents have used every minute of their contact time and will use every minute of their August practice time to finish preparing for the season. Hickman will also. If your son plans to be an integral part of this football program at any level it will be imperative that he attend every August practice. Ultimately I and my staff will be held accountable for any success or failure this program has. I know this and have accepted that responsibility for more than two decades, such is the nature of sport. I also know that your son and our team will not get better if we do not work together to make football a top priority after the dead period. Please keep this in mind when you make some of those parent decisions next month.

As you will read on the calendar Monday August 10th and Wednesday August 12th we are scheduled to have two practices a day. These practices will be for everyone freshman and upper classmen. Picture Day is scheduled for August 8th the time will be sent out via Hudl text as will practice time. Please do not forget that your son cannot practice without his physical. Please turn all physical in to the Athletic Director J.D. Coffman in the main office. Please do not send them to me. Mr. Coffman can be reached by phone at 573-214-3000, by email at, or by fax at 573-214-3057. As always it is my honor to be your sons’ coach. We look forward to a very promising season. Thank you for your continued support.


P.S. This event will be held tomorrow at the crossing from 1-3pm it is free!!!!

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