Friday, May 22, 2015

Summer 2015 Parent Letter 5/22

Hello All,
I am writing in response to a number of calls I have received lately concerning a number of items. I am writing to answer in mass these common questions.

I know that the league that the baseball coaches have entered into is a Tuesday-Thursday league. I also happen to have football practice on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I understand that this may seem like it is a dilemma. However, my stance has not changed. We start the preseason of football in ten days. Summer baseball is just that summer baseball. I apologize if I seem harsh or uncaring. I want everyone to have opportunities, however, I must resubmit that it is my expectation that if your son intends on playing football in the fall, then he should practice as much with us as humanly possible.

Secondly, I am not speaking without experience in this situation; Hickman won championships in football and in baseball in 2004 and 2005. Many of the contributors in both programs lifted weights and during that summer practiced football when football was scheduled and played summer baseball opposite that schedule. What has changed is the contact days in football, and the numerous and varied levels of select baseball. I recognized this when I set the schedule.  Again, in most cases our schedule allows time for many things. But football time needs to be a priority also.

Again, I am not being insensitive but the responsibility and accountability for this program begins and ends with me. For this young team to be ready to perform in the opening Jamboree in 87 days we will need as many of our intended players practicing as much as possible. Finally, I have spoken directly with Coach Mershon who will be running summer baseball and Coach Devine and outlined my stance. They, as I, believe that cooperation can be had this summer.

Folks it is your vacation…..have a good time.

7-on-7 Waivers
Please just sign the waiver. There is no fee you need to pay. I really do not even need you to fill out anything other than your son’s name and any contact or insurance information. DO NOT SEND K-STATE ANY MONEY!!!!!.  Again, parent signature and any information pertinent to you as a parent. Our departure time will be announced for K-State next week.

The Touchdown Club Membership
There is a rumor that if you do not join the Touchdown Club and pay the membership fee we are asking of $175 then your son cannot participate in football. This is just a rumor. I do want you to keep in mind that the Touchdown Club provides for any and everything that I cannot with the football budget. This past season The Touchdown Club provided daily snacks, sports drinks, and bottled water, because some of our boys had not eaten since 10:30 am, and needed to eat something at 4:30 pm before practice. The Touchdown Club has also provided protein shakes, weekly team dinners, and entrance fees to event like the 7-on-7’s for every member. In the past team camp cost $140 with a $20 transportation cost and the night in Webster Grove was $20 per player with a $20 transportation fee. We are asking $175 from each family as a way to raise funds. This will be your fundraiser for the year. No selling cards, cookies, candy, etc. The club will use these funds to help cover summer expenses and expenses through the season. Again, joining the Touchdown Club has nothing to do with your son and his ability to play football.  Joining The Touchdown Club is one of the ways we ask that you help support the team.

Summer School
We will be finished with our morning lifting in time for your son to shower and get breakfast so that he is ready for his summer school class. Lockers and locks will be provided on June 1st. We encourage our athletes to lock up their valuables.

Your son can participate in summer activities without an updated physical. However, he will not be allowed to practice in August if he does not have an updated physical. An updated physical is any physical dated after February 1, 2015.

I hope I have cleared up some questions for many of you. I hope you have a restful and enjoyable weekend.

Coach Monroe

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