Monday, March 30, 2015

FAQs (March 30 Edition)

How do I find out the schedule for the spring and summer?
You can download the summer schedule from the blog. You can also pick a copy up from the main office at Hickman.

Should my son be at workouts Hickman?
Right now there is no organized way to have all the incoming freshman come over from their respective schools. I have encouraged all the incoming freshman to participate in spring sports at their middle school. Running is the best training at this juncture for an incoming freshman. I recommended at the parent meeting that all incoming freshman run track at their middle school. It is a way to be competitive and stay in cardiovascular shape. For those student athletes who are already at on campus, there are several ways in which your son can work out even if he is involved in a spring sport. We have a 6:30 am workout and workouts after school. I strongly encouraged participation in the spring work outs. This winter and spring some coaches came together to create and schedule our workouts in an effort to create better camaraderie and to prepare your son to compete on may platforms.

Does my son need a personal trainer?
Paying for a personal trainer is a choice you have to make as a parent. A personal trainer makes his money by suggesting that working with him/her will help your soon best prepare for the season. The gist of the relationship is one based on a fee. Very shortly your son will be engaged in running and lifting workouts designed to enhance his explosiveness, change of direction and strength. This training will be designed, conducted, and supervised by certified individuals who will do this purely for the joy of working with your son. This training also encompasses the training you are paying for with a twist. You get it for free. The personal training industry has its place and it is your decision if you want to engage in it. However summer contact workouts will take a priority so please keep this in mind.

What does my son need to start the summer?
I have asked all parents to join the touchdown club. I posted that letter and membership form on the blog. For workouts your son will need gym clothes (t-shirt and shorts), tennis shoes, and cleats. I have used cleats at the school if getting a pair is a problem.

Are Contact days mandatory?
Yes. Missouri High School Activities and Athletic Association gives coaches 25 days were they may coach football. This was in an effort in part to acclimate students to the heat and reduce the need for two-a-day practices. Coaches all over the state will be using these sessions to prepare for the fall as we will here at Hickman. I have tried to accommodate multi-sport athletes with the schedule.  Our contact days will be Tuesdays-Thursdays. We do have a few competitions scheduled for two Saturdays in June and one Friday in July, but as you can see from the schedule there is a time and place for your son’s interest. I am asking that you commit football days to football.  Your son will have four other days to demonstrate his commitment to his other endeavors. If there are questions or concerns please see me. I can be reached at or at 573-268-4813

What if we have already planned our summer vacation?
Your vacation is your vacation. Contact days are not like spring workouts we expect your son to be there. However we all have families and families take vacations. Enjoy yours!!!!!

I have a copy of my son’s physical what should I do with it?
Please send a copy of the physical to our Athletic Director J.D. Coffman. Coach Coffman is the former wrestling head coach here at Hickman and has coached a number of other sports included softball and football. The Athletic Director’s office is where your son’s physical needs to go. You can mail it to him at:
J.D. Coffman
Athletic Director
Hickman High School
1104 North Providence
Columbia Mo. 65202

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