Thursday, October 16, 2014

Parent Letter 10/16

Good Afternoon,

Last night I received many calls about the upcoming World Series and practice next week, which happens to be the first week of the District Playoffs.  First let me thank you for asking in advance. Along with being up watching film, the question of whether I am okay with a player missing practice to go to the World Series kept me up until the wee hours. I would like to share with all of you my answer. I am not okay with a player missing practice for any reason.  Whether I have complete control over that situation is another question and that answer is evident also. That decision is yours as a parent and yours alone but I will state these facts.

These young men have been at this since the first week of June. They have remained together and fought on through adversity and ridicule from just about every corner. They have remained focused on trying to find their own success. Every week of the season, as we will on Saturday, they have gone out and met some of the best talent in the state of Missouri and even though many of those trials have ended in a loss on the record books they have become better men. The response by our student body last week was evidence that their commitment, fight, and loyalty has been a model for our school and community. They have endured and created momentum for the last regular season game and the upcoming district playoffs which is like a second season.

As parents I know each and every one of you recognize that when you make a commitment to a team or activity there will be time when sacrifices will be required. This is a time when I hope that you consider the commitment made at the start of the season.  Let’s look to finish what we started much like the Royals and the Cardinals.As parents you will always have the final say on what happens with your child and in this the final decision is yours. But in my mind the greatest athletes in the world will be practicing to beat whomever we play in the first round of district play and that is where I will be. As always I thank you for your support and I am honored to be your son’s football coach.

Coach Monroe

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